Final Orders – 2019

Case Number Case Style
19-0027-DEN State v. Ryanne Hamilton
19-0039-DEN State v. Lori Lyn Wilson
19-0054-DIS State v. The Bank, NA
19-0056-DIS State v. Dennis Berglan & Greyson Pennington
19-0058-DIS State v. James Derek Palmer
19-0065-DIS State v. National Liability & Fire Insurance Company & Timothy Buscher
19-0077-DIS State v. Krista McCray
19-0080-DIS State v. Julia Spencer
19-0114-DEN State v. Traditions Funeral and Cremation Services
19-0115-DIS State v. Standridge Equipment Inc.
19-0124-DEN State v. Ronni Enriquez
19-0131-DIS State v. Barry Tucker & Cristina Rodriguez
19-0155-DIS State v. Curtis Pletcher & Anthony Edwards
19-0157-DIS State v. Curtis Pletcher & Deborah Sisk
19-0163-DIS State v. Delaware Life Reinsurance (U.S.) Corp.
19-0166-DIS State v. Charles Schoppel Insurance Agency
19-0168-DIS State v. Tia Ward
19-0172-DIS State v. Curtis Pletcher & Chasity Carey
19-0173-DIS State v. Curtis Pletcher & Chasity Carey
19-0177-DIS State v. Mel Brand Insurance Agency, Inc.
19-0178-DIS State v. Ashley Mlinarik
19-0179-DIS State v. David Faust
19-0200-DIS State v. Loren D. Morgan
19-0202-DEN State v. Jacob Cameron Malone
19-0206-DIS State v. Lexington National Insurance Corporation & C J Knight
19-0210-DIS State v. Atheta LLC
19-0212-DIS State v. Margaret Huitt Reeves
19-0213-DIS State v. Julia Christine Arnett
19-0216-DIS State v. Krista McCray
19-0226-DIS State v. Latimer County Abstract and Title Company
19-0227-DIS State v. Southern Abstract & Title Company
19-0229-DEN State v. Ryan Scott Smith
19-0230-DIS State v. Bonnie Galmor & Julia Spencer
19-0238-DIS State v. J B Askins & Lonny Hemby
19-0249-DIS State v. Rebecca Renee Pettitt
19-0259-DIS State v. Shane Flashner
19-0277-DIS State v. Solomon Abstract LLC
19-0290-DEN State v. Keshuana Marks
19-0291-DIS State v. Springboard Benefits, LLC
19-0292-DIS State v. Krista McCray
19-0299-DIS State v. Washita Valley Abstract Co.
19-0303-DEN State v. PRO IS, Inc.
19-0308-DIS State v. Casey Jordan Bowers
19-0325-DIS State v. Latonya C. Harris
19-0326-DIS State v. Craig Galowitsch
19-0332-DEN State v. Kimberly Lynn Perra
19-0348-DIS State v. Christopher L. Wilson
19-0371-DEN State v. Edmond Insurance Agency, LLC
19-0372-DEN State v. CNA Claimplus, Inc.
19-0373-DIS State v. Delicia Quentrell Lewis
19-0374-DIS State v. Lindsay Marie Cordell
19-0376-DIS State v. Cristina Rodriguez
19-0377-DIS State v. Christopher Ryan Gallimore
19-0378-DEN State v. Waynne C. Hollis
19-0379-DIS State v. Krista McCray
19-0380-DIS State v. Accredited Surety & Casualty Company and Dudley Goolsby
19-0390-DIS State v. Marlin Financial Services, LLC
19-0446-DIS State v. Raymond Merrill & Anthony Duncan
19-0458-DIS State v. Cheryl Widmar
19-0471-DIS State v. Select Benefit Group, Inc., d/b/a Dental Select
19-0472-DIS State v. Misty Manning
19-0473-DIS State v. James Panter
19-0476-DIS State v. Cloyd O’Dell Insurance Agency, Inc.
19-0478-DIS State v. Brett Andrew Nixon
19-0482-DIS State v. OnePoint Patient Care, LLC
19-0486-DIS State v. KW Financial, LLC
19-0492-DIS State v. Okmulgee Land Title Company
19-0494-DIS State v. Personalumbrella .com Insurance Services, Inc.
19-0504-DEN State v. Alvina Marie Tapia Guinn
19-0506-DIS State v. Marshall Clayton
19-0511-DIS State v. Jessica Kendrale Smith
19-0512-DIS State v. Houston Whaley
19-0515-DIS State v. James Lowell Masterson
19-0522-DIS State v. Fredrick Clark Holder & Deborah Hopcus
19-0523-DIS State v. American Contractors Indemnity Company & George Peterson
19-0525-DIS Stat v. Roxana Sellars & Garrett Sellars
19-0528-DIS State v. Script Care Ltd
19-0537-DIS State v. Elizabeth Ann Steel
19-0546-DIS State v. Angela Renay Carlson
19-0562-DIS State v. Haas & Wilkerson, Inc.
19-0566-DIS State v. Raymond Merrill & Derek Brown
19-0567-DIS State v. Curtis Pletcher & Christopher Gallimore
19-0574-DIS Sate v. AccessCare General Oklahoma, LLC
19-0577-DIS State v. John P. Cascarella
19-0579-DEN State v. Julian Bailey
19-0581-DIS State v. Dennis Berglan & Lloyd Simmons
19-0592-DIS State v. Andrew Steven Schwaebler
19-0594-DEN State v. Unisource National Lender Services, LLC
19-0594-DIS State v. Unisource National Lender Services, LLC
19-0602-DIS State v. Temple & Son Funeral Directors, Inc.
19-0603-DIS State v. Wilson-Little Funeral Home, Inc.
19-0607-DIS State v. Boon Administrative Services, Inc.
19-0608-DEN State v. Sherman-Hume Ins. Agency, Inc.
19-0617-DEN State v. Christopher Whitaker
19-0618-DEN State v. Fuqua and Leblanc Agency Insurance LLC
19-0620-DIS State v. Alan H. Worden
19-0630-DEN State v. Sandra Mejia
19-0655-DIS State v. Osborns AAA Insurance Inc
19-0665-DIS State v. Chase Moore
19-0666-DIS State v. Apex Title North East Oklahoma LLC
19-0669-DIS State v. Kimberly Danielle Smith
19-0674-DIS State v. Navada June O’Connell
19-0688-DIS State v. Lui Wenijan
19-0690-DIS State v. Dicky Kidd
19-0691-DIS State v. Curtis Pletcher & Anthony Edwards
19-0692-DIS State v. Shelli Wood & Jessica Schiller
19-0695-DIS State v. James Bradford Gray
19-0699-DIS State v. Consumer Priority Service, Corp
19-0703-DEN State v. Tyler Lewellen
19-0709-DIS State v. Cortney E. Gayer
19-0715-DEN State v. Michael Cooley
19-0716-DEN State v. Theophilus Depona
19-0724-DIS State v. Nerissa Berry
19-0724-DIS State v. Yesenia Molina
19-0726-DIS State v. Family Insurance Inc.
19-0727-DIS State v. Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company
19-0741-DEN State v. Elizabeth Valencia
19-0743-DIS State v. Leslie Muse
19-0753-DIS State v. VanZant Group
19-0759-DIS State v. First Protective Insurance Group
19-0759-DEN State v. First Protective Group
19-0761-DIS State v. Allen Lippoldt
19-0763-DIS State v. Sean Patrick Hayes
19-0765-DIS State v. Jessica Smith
19-0766-DIS State v. John Burks & Kyle Carter
19-0782-DIS State v. Matt J. Kroening