The statutory requirements for service of process are located at Oklahoma Statutes Title 36 § § 621 and 622.

A fee of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) and three (3) copies of all documents to be served are required for proper service on a foreign insurance company.

No. Oklahoma Statutes Title 36 § 621(A) states that each authorized or alien insurer shall appoint the Insurance Commissioner as its agent to receive service of legal process, other than a subpoena, issued against it in this state upon any cause of action arising from its transaction of business in this state.

No. A domestic insurance company, or one that is domiciled in Oklahoma, cannot be served through the Oklahoma Insurance Department. It must be served directly to the insurance company.

Once service of process is received and if everything is in order, one copy is mailed to the insurance company and one copy is mailed to the service agent on file for the insurance company. Both are mailed via certified mail with postage prepaid and return receipt requested. The final copy is kept on file at the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

No return of service is provided. You are required to send your documents for service via certified mail with postage prepaid and return receipt requested and the green card that you receive back is your proof of service. (See Oklahoma Statutes Title 36 § 622(A)).