Welcome to the Fees and Fines payments portal for the OID Legal Division. Here you will be able to pay the following fees and/or fines online: copies of records; administrative fines and hearing costs; PBM fines and hearing costs; and Form A filing fees. Please note that all online payments are subject to a nonrefundable $1.00 processing fee. Payments must be made using a debit card or ACH payment. We do not accept credit cards.

You are responsible for entering in the correct amount to be paid. For copies of records, the amount should match the amount provided to you in an invoice. For fines and/or hearing costs, the amount entered should match the sum of the fines and any hearing costs assessed against you in the Administrative Order. For Form A filings, the amount is $1,000.00 as set forth in 36 O.S. ยง 321(A)(4)(d).