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Regulated Industry Service License/Registration/Permit Type Contact List

Discount Medical Plan Organizations (DMPO)
Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM)
Multiple Employer Welfare Associations (MEWA)
Purchasing Groups
Third-Party Administrators (TPA)
Viatical Settlement Providers (VSP)
(405) 521-6651
Home Service Contract Provider Registrations
Motor Service Club
Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)
Service Warranty Companies
Vehicle Protection Product Warranty Companies (VPP)
(405) 522-4611
Cemetery Merchandise Trust
Charitable Gift Annuities
Perpetual Care Cemeteries
Prepaid Funeral Benefits
ashia.turner@oid.ok.gov(405) 522-4756
Division Assistance (405) 521-2828, option 7 or (405) 521-6651