Insurance Questions and Answers on COVID-19


Is the OID open?

Yes, the OID offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa are open to the public.  The OID is following local and federal CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.

I'm experiencing difficulties with my insurance carrier. What should I do?

Please contact our Consumer Assistance Team at 800-522-0071.

Health Insurance

Will my health plan cover testing?

Yes.  Health plans are required to cover COVID-19 diagnostic testing without cost-sharing, prior authorization or other medical management requirements.  Contact your insurance company and your primary care provider if you have questions about receiving a test.

I don't want to go into a doctor’s office. What other options will my health plan pay for?

Because of advances in tele-health medicine you have the option to have a virtual office visit with your physician.  You should contact the physician’s office to make arrangements for the visit just as you would for an in-office visit.  Tele-health visits may be subject to a co-pay or other cost sharing provision.  If you are seeking a COVID-19 diagnostic test contact your physician who will direct you to a point-of-care testing site. You can also contact your county health department for testing locations and requirements.


Can I refill my prescriptions early to keep extra on hand?

Keeping extra medication on hand, for example a 90 day supply, is dependent upon your benefit plan.  In most cases, with the approval of your physician, a prescription for a 90 day supply can be written and will need to conform to network requirements (preferred or mail order).

Travel Insurance

Will travel insurance cover me if my plans change because of COVID-19?

Most standard travel insurance does not cover losses caused by an epidemic or pandemic. If you purchased the CFAR policy, you may be covered for a portion of your trip cost. Contact your cruise line, airline or tour provider to see if any refund is offered by them first.

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