Insurance Department Confirms Active Investigation of Unlicensed Home Warranty Company

OKLAHOMA CITY – Insurance Commissioner Glen Mulready announced today that the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) is actively investigating the unlicensed activity of  Choice Home Warranty.

So far, the OID has received numerous consumer complaints alleging that Choice Home Warranty did not pay their home warranty service claims. OID issued a cease and desist order to the unlicensed company in 2017. OID’s current investigation revealed that Choice Home Warranty issued policies without the required license and in violation of the cease and desist order.

A New Jersey-based company, Choice Home Warranty has solicited customers nationwide from its website. OID is currently processing consumer complaints and sending letters to the company demanding refunds be issued to the contract holders.

“This violation will not be tolerated in Oklahoma,” said Mulready. “Our first priority is consumer protection, and this should serve as a reminder for all consumers to be diligent about researching the legitimacy of a business before they buy a contract or service.”

Consumers should call the OID first before buying a warranty service contract or insurance product to verify that a company is properly licensed in Oklahoma.

Service warranty companies are required to have an OID-issued license, to solicit, negotiate or sell home warranty service contracts in Oklahoma.

If you have questions about other insurance issues, contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department at 1-800-522-0071 or visit our website at

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