Oklahoma’s winter weather can bring frigid temperatures, snow, ice storms and sometimes blizzard-like conditions. Being prepared with the proper insurance coverage will give you peace of mind when bad weather hits.

What Winter Weather Damage is Covered?

Damage caused by wind, wind-driven rain, trees or other falling objects, and the collapse of a structure due to weight of ice or snow, are covered under most HO3 homeowners policies. Those perils may not be covered by a HO2 policy. Check with your agent if you aren’t sure which one you have.
Review your insurance contract to determine specific coverage and exclusions. For example, frozen pipes might not be covered if the damage is due to negligence, such as failing to maintain an adequate temperature in the home when you had the ability to do so. Call your insurance agent or company for clarification with specific questions.

Download the Winter Storm Preparedness Guide

Download Winter Storm Preparedness Guide

What Winter Weather Damage is Not Covered?

The following weather-related events are usually not covered by standard homeowners’ insurance policies:

  • Flood damage
  • Interior stormwater damage when there was no damage to the home’s roof or walls
  • Removal of fallen trees from the property, unless those trees land on and damage the roof or walls of the home
  • Spoiled food due to power outages off premises
  • Water damage from backed-up drains or sewers (ask for back up of sewage coverage)
  • Some insurance companies offer endorsements that offer additional protection for an added fee. Check with your agent or insurance company to determine your needs and what additional coverage might be available.