This mediation program settles insurance conflicts that would otherwise end up in court. EAGLE stands for Ending Arguments Gently, Legally and Economically.

The EAGLE Program reflects the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s goal of reducing the amount of litigation that ultimately costs policyholders money. Cutting down on the number of lawsuits benefits both companies and consumers.

The EAGLE Program will provide mediators for two purposes:

1) to help citizens and insurance companies settle disputes early enough to avoid becoming embroiled in lawsuits and

2) to offer settlement conferences to resolve issues raised in insurance agent disciplinary proceedings prior to administrative hearings.

Policyholders who resolve their differences through mediation will be more satisfied than those who must endure the time and cost of the court system. Insurance companies will have the chance to resolve differences before turning the file over to defense attorneys.

Through the EAGLE Program, all parties would still maintain the right to go to court if they cannot reach an agreement through the mediation process.

The Consumer Assistance Division of the Insurance Department receives more than 55,000 inquiries and complaints each year. The Oklahoma Insurance Department is constantly working to find new, creative ways to resolve the problems.

Negotiation, mediation and arbitration should be the primary methods of resolving conflicts. Litigation should remain available, but it should be the last resort.

The EAGLE Program is a Conflict Settlement Program certified by the Oklahoma Supreme Court as part of the state’s Alternative Dispute Resolution System.

For more information call: 405.521.2748