When Oklahoma’s weather turns dry, warm and windy, there’s a good chance for wildfires. The flames can spread so quickly that you may not have time to think about a response. The best way to limit the damage and recover from this type of devastation is to have a plan in place before the flames even spark.

Before a Wildfire

  • Create a home inventory
    It may seem hard to record information about everything in your house, but this tool will ensure your insurance claim will be settled faster and easier. Taking pictures or video can also be a great help to filing your claim. Click here to access our home inventory form.
  • Put important documents in a fire-safe location.
    Gather your insurance policy, your home inventory and other important documents and store them in a fireproof safe. Another option is a safe deposit box at a bank.
  • Read your homeowners or renters insurance policy carefully to fully understand your coverage and your rights.
    You’ll be most satisfied with your settlement if you know in advance what’s covered. If you have questions, ask your agent or call your insurance company.

After a Wildfire

  • When the fire has been extinguished, contact your insurance agent or insurance company as soon as possible.
    Ask what information they will need to process your claim. Provide that information, including your contact information, if you cannot live in your home.
  • Stop further damage to your home.
    Be sure and take photos to document the damage, then, make necessary minor repairs to your property to prevent worsening of the damage. The insurance company has a right to inspect the property, so clean-up will have to wait. Finally, keep track of your expenses and save all your receipts because your insurance company may reimburse you.