Application Process

(Paper applications are not accepted)

A license which has been EXPIRED less than (1) year may be reactivated by submitting a new INITIAL application online. A double license fee will be assessed in order to reactivate a license with a lapse. The license number and original expiration date will remain the same. An exam is not required.

Oklahoma resident licensees will need to be CE compliant at least 48 hours prior to submitting an application to reactivate their license.

Click on the appropriate button above to begin the application. Click Accept at the bottom of the User Agreement page to start.

A Non-Resident Adjuster without a resident state license may apply online and designate a home state (the state in which they passed the adjuster exam and have an active license).

Follow the instructions above; however, enter the applicants Last Name and SSN only on the applicant sign in page. The applicant will be prompted to select the state in which they want to apply (Oklahoma) and then to designate a home state.