As an additional protection to Oklahoma’s insurance consumers, continuing education (CE) is one tool the department uses to ensure ongoing technical and professional competency of its licensed insurance professionals.

Repeat Courses

– Licensees cannot repeat a course within a 24 month period. A Licensee will need to review their CE Transcript online to ensure that a course is not repeated (refer to the course number for verification.)

Approved Courses

– Only Oklahoma approved CE courses will count toward your CE requirements. A catalog of Oklahoma approved courses is available using the instructions below. If a course does not appear in the online catalog then it was not approved.

  • Access State Based Systems
  • Click on LOOKUP in the lower section of the page
  • Select Oklahoma from the Jurisdiction box
  • Select Course from the Search Type box
  • Enter the desired search criteria
  • Agree to terms then click Search. A list of search results will be displayed. Contact the CE Provider should you have questions regarding one of their course offerings.