Any member of the public can place an Open Records request with the OID’s Legal Division to obtain all public information available for any licensee. Click the following link to read more about placing an Open Records Request.

To populate a large list of all licensees’ available public demographic information, including name, business address business email and license status please follow the below instructions:

Click: SBS Report Generator

Jurisdiction= Oklahoma
Entity Type= Individual (or Business Entity)
License Type= {Enter license type you are seeking}
Line of Authority= {enter LOA you are requesting}

The rest of the fields can be left blank unless you wish to narrow down your search results to Resident or Nonresident or by some other way available in those fields.

If you have issues with the SBS system while self-procuring your information, please contact them for assistance or utilize the information on the left side of the screen (SBS Support Center)

SBS Business Hours
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CST)
Monday – Friday (except holidays)
Phone: (816) 783-8990
Fax: (816) 460-7456

State Based Systems specific help click SBS Support Center