An emergency adjuster license is deemed valid for a period of 90 days from the date in which the Insurance Commissioner issues an emergency declaration order (i.e. 90 days from the date of the Commissioner’s emergency order) and only applies to the particular catastrophe for which the emergency declaration order was issued. Title 36 O.S. § 6218 (A)


Catastrophe/Emergency declarations are posted here: Emergency/Catastrophic Declarations. Each declaration will be listed by reference number and date. That information is required on that electronic application and sponsor form.

Online Application

  • Online applications are required for applicants.
  • Be prepared – you will need the catastrophe number and date, sponsoring adjuster’s full legal name and their Oklahoma license number.
  • Access new application HERE from the NIPR website. Select either RESIDENT ADJUSTER if you reside in Oklahoma or NON-RESIDENT ADJUSTER if you reside outside of Oklahoma.
  • The cost of an Emergency Adjuster License is $15.00 per declaration.
  • For assistance with the NIPR application please contact the NIPR at 1-855-674-6477 or
  • All electronically submitted applications must provide a sponsorship form, completed by an Oklahoma Resident Adjuster. This form should be uploaded to the NIPR’s Warehouse under the Additional Licensing Documents (ALS) portal. Contact NIPR for assistance with the Warehouse. Applications will only be held for 5 days without a sponsorship form in the Warehouse.
  • The sponsor must be a licensed resident adjuster in Oklahoma. They are responsible for the temporary adjuster & the adherence to the Oklahoma Insurance Code. The sponsor could be held accountable if any violations of the insurance code are discovered during the license period of the temporary licensee so it is important that the sponsor report anything to the Department they feel might constitute a violation.
  • Allow (5) business days for the application to be reviewed. We will contact you by email should additional information be required. In addition an email will be sent once the application has been approved.
  • Check the status of your application by clicking here. After it has issued, you may print your license from our web page.

Paper Application

Paper applications are only accepted if they have been preapproved, in writing, by the Licensing Division. Unapproved paper applications are automatically rejected and not subject to refunds.

Paper Forms

Emergency Insurance Adjuster Sponsorship Form

Emergency/Catastrophic Declaration Request Form

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