Please note that additional qualifications or restrictions may apply to each license type. If a more detailed explanation is needed please contact the Licensing Division at

Insurance Producer:

(also known as a Broker or Agent) One who has the authority to act for another; an individual who represents an insurance company or companies in selling, soliciting, negotiating and servicing insurance products to potential or existing policyholders.

Temporary Insurance Producer:

The Insurance Commissioner may issue a temporary license to a qualifying individual for a period not to exceed one hundred eighty (180) days without requiring an examination if the Insurance Commissioner deems that the temporary license is necessary for the servicing of an insurance business. Certain qualifications must be met, such as the applicant must be the surviving spouse or legal representative of a recently disabled or deceased producer and the applicant has never held a license for insurance producer in the past. The written request must be submitted to the Licensing Division so that approval of a paper application can be made.

Insurance Adjuster:

(Independent and/or Staff) An individual employed by a property and casualty insurance company (insurer) to settle policy claims on behalf of the insurer.

Emergency Adjuster:

In the event of catastrophe in Oklahoma, the Insurance Commissioner may declare an emergency to exist, and in the event of such a declaration, the Commissioner may issue a license as an emergency adjuster to any resident or nonresident applicant. An individual licensed as an emergency adjuster pursuant to this section may only adjust claims related to the catastrophe.

Public Insurance Adjuster:

a professional claims handler/ claims adjuster who is employed by the insured and advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant’s insurance claim.

Insurance Agency:

A business entity (Corporation, Association, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership, or other legal entity) which earns and reports income using an FEIN from selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance in Oklahoma under the name of the business as opposed to the name of the individual.

Insurance Consultant:

Professionals who specialize in assisting businesses and individuals in assessing their insurance needs and creating an insurance plan that will meet those needs. Consultants are not affiliated with any Carrier and are prohibited from receiving compensation from any insurance company. Consultants only receive compensation from the insured as stated in their client contract with the insured.

Surplus Lines Broker:

(underlying Producer license required) Individual or entity who is able to procure Property/Casualty insurance coverage that isn’t available from insurers registered in the state of Oklahoma, called admitted companies, and must be purchased from a non-admitted carrier.

Managing General Agent:

An individual or business entity appointed, as an independent contractor, by one or more insurers to exercise general supervision over the business of the insurer in this state, with authority to appoint insurance producers for the insurer, and to terminate appointments for the insurer.

Title Insurance Line:

Title insurance provides coverage against loss by encumbrance, defective titles, invalidity, or adverse claim to title insurance for owners of property or others having any ownership interest therein or liens or encumbrances thereon and against financial loss from defects in title to real property and from the invalidity or unenforceability of mortgage liens.

Limited Lines Producer:

Limited line credit insurance includes credit life, credit disability, credit property, credit unemployment, involuntary unemployment, mortgage life, mortgage guaranty, mortgage disability, automobile protection insurance, any other form of insurance offered in connection with an extension of credit that is limited to partially or wholly extinguishing that credit obligation and that is designated by the Insurance Commissioner as limited line credit insurance.

*Other types of Limited Line lines of authority include Motor Service Club, Portable Electronics, Prepaid Legal Liability Insurance, Crop/Hail, Car Rental, Surety and Travel.


Navigators and Navigator entities are not required to hold a license in Oklahoma but are required to register yearly with the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Navigators play a vital role in helping consumers prepare electronic and paper applications, and enroll in coverage through Federal Marketplaces. Navigators may provide consumers with information that may assist them in finding available insurance affordability programs.

Reinsurance Intermediary Broker:

any person, other than an officer or employee of the ceding insurer, firm, association or corporation, who solicits, negotiates or places reinsurance cessions or retrocessions on behalf of a ceding insurer without the authority or power to bind reinsurance on behalf of such insurer;

Reinsurance Intermediary Manager:

any person, firm, association or corporation that has authority to bind or manages all or part of the assumed reinsurance business of a reinsurer, including the management of a separate division, department or underwriting office, and acts as an agent for such reinsurer whether known as an RM, manager or other similar term.

Viatical Settlement Broker:

a person who working exclusively on behalf of a viator and for a fee, commission or other valuable consideration, offers or attempts to negotiate viatical settlement contracts between a viator and one or more viatical settlement providers or one or more viatical settlement brokers. A viatical settlement broker is deemed to represent only the viator, and not the insurer or the viatical settlement provider, and owes a fiduciary duty to the viator to act according to the viator’s instructions and in the best interest of the viator. The term does not include an attorney, certified public accountant or a financial planner accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency, who is retained to represent the viator and whose compensation is not paid directly or indirectly by the viatical settlement provider or purchaser.

Viatical Settlement Provider:

a person, other than a viator, that enters into or effectuates a viatical settlement contract with a viator resident in Oklahoma. Exclusions to licensure may apply § 4055.2.Definitions