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Resident State Change Request must be completed electronically in Oklahoma. You may have only (1) Oklahoma license. The license will be designated as a Resident if you live in Oklahoma or Non-Resident if you reside outside of Oklahoma.  You may have to complete your continuing education prior to having your request for a change approved.   Licensees may only hold ONE resident state license.   Licensees must notify us of address changes within 30 days.  Residence Change request must be completed within 90 days of moving to or from our state.

If you established a physical residence in Oklahoma within the last 90 days and you do not have an EXISTING ACTIVE Oklahoma Resident license, you must surrender your current resident license and apply in Oklahoma as a Resident applicant.  Applications are linked to our webpage:

Resident to Non-Resident: Surrender your Oklahoma license by completing and returning the Surrender Request Form.  Once our surrender has been processed, contact your new resident state to discuss their licensing procedures or complete an electronic application for that resident license through NIPR.  Once your resident license is in place you can reapply in Oklahoma as a nonresident through NIPR.

Non-Resident to Resident: Contact the OID by email with your NPN and the date you established residency in Oklahoma.   The OID will reciprocate with other resident states as long as the license status is changed within 90 days of a legal residence move.    Procedures to change the residency for each license may vary depending on the time left on a license, the completion of CE or the date residency was established.   You will have to surrender your resident license to be able to apply in Oklahoma as a resident through NIPR.

Paper applications to change residency are discouraged.  Paper application are only accepted when preapproved by this Division due to a system error or reciprocity issue with another state.


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