The SMP Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Abuse and Waste Reduction Program recruits and trains retired professionals and others as SMP volunteer advisors to help senior Oklahomans learn how to protect themselves from health care fraud and monitor what Medicare or Medicaid has paid on a beneficiary’s behalf. SMP provides community programs and materials outlining how to read a Medicare Summary Notice and how to detect and report discrepancies.

Authority and Funding

The SMP program operates pursuant to federal grant #90AM2952 from the United States Department of Health and Human Services and Administration on Aging to the Oklahoma Insurance Department. This program has been in operation since 1999.

SMP Services

As a statewide program, SMP focuses on a broad section of Oklahoma’s population, including urban, rural, homebound, geographically isolated, Hispanic, and American Indian populations.

Community presentations include information on how to review a Medicare Summary Notice; how to report possible fraud, abuse and waste; trends in health care fraud; what fraud is NOT; and how to become a SMP Volunteer Advisor.

SMP provides public forums and other presentations to civic organizations, advocate workers in the aging field, senior citizen groups, conference workshops, senior health fairs, and other groups.

SMP also publishes free public education information including brochures, resource list, and training materials.

SMP Volunteer Advisor Training

SMP’s goal is to provide the public educational materials and information regarding Medicare and Medicaid fraud, abuse and waste. Community SMP volunteer advisors are available to distribute SMP materials, provide an exhibit of information, a presentation, and assist a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary with questions concerning a Medicare Summary Notice. Community SMP volunteer advisors keep the SMP staff current on local events that will serve as excellent distribution sites for SMP materials.

To learn more about SMP volunteer advisor training or to request a presentation for your community about the SMP program, call the Medicare Assistance Program at 1-800-763-2828.