Get Ready Checklist
  1. Create a home inventory (photos/video)
  2. Know your policy & coverage type (Replacement or Actual Cash Value)
  3. Have a safety plan (home, work & school)
  4. Practice safety plan (especially with young children)
  5. Prepare a “Go Bag”(helmet, goggles, flashlight, water, snacks, baby supplies, medication and chargers)
  6. Protect your head from flying debris & wear shoes
  7. If you have a storm shelter, clean it in advance
  8. Plan for your pets
  9. Have multiple ways to receive alerts (NOAA Weather Radio, phone apps, TV)
  10. Understand the difference between a watch (possibility of concerning weather) and a warning (severe weather is imminent)
  11. Check for weather alerts frequently when storms are forecasted

Click here to download the Get Ready Checklist

Oklahoma’s weather can be unpredictable and dangerous. The time to GET READY for a natural disaster is before the emergency strikes. Preparing properly is the key to saving lives, protecting your property and recovering quickly.

Here you can find tips and resources to GET READY for the most common disasters and emergencies in our state. If you have questions about how the Oklahoma Insurance Department can help, call 800-522-0071.