Final Orders – 2020

Case Number Case Style
20-0008-DIS State vs. Dean Jennings & Kristina Abbott
20-0030-DIS State vs. Vicki Nixon
20-0032-DIS State vs. Covenant Insurance Advisors
20-0034-DIS State vs. Kirk L. Wright Insurance Agency, Inc.
20-0036-DIS State vs. Candace Baird
20-0038-DIS State vs. Home Warranty Administrator of Oklahoma, Inc. d/b/a Choice Home Warranty
20-0043-DIS State vs. Derek Porras
20-0078-DIS State vs. Robert Wheeler
20-0090-DIS State vs. Kevin Lomon
20-0091-DIS State vs. Anayeli Padilla
20-0102-DIS State vs. Gina LeBouef & Bret Todd
20-0106-DIS State vs. Casey Doerfler
20-0107-DIS State vs. NALICO General Agency, Inc.
20-0114-DIS State vs. Green Country Funeral Home, LLC
20-0117-DIS State vs. Rolfe Funeral Home, Inc.
20-0122-DIS State vs. Julianna Hernandez
20-0127-DIS State vs. Susannah Ruth Welty
20-0129-DIS State vs. Curtis Pletcher & George Peterson
20-0144-DIS State vs. Christopher Reavis
20-0144-DIS State vs. Christopher Reavis
20-0149-DIS State vs. Curtis Pletcher and Earleen Judkins
20-0155-DEN State vs. Jamale Wilkes
20-0156-DIS State vs. Grace Holley
20-0165-DIS State vs. M&M Sales, Inc.
20-0178-DIS State vs. Holly Rivera
20-0194-DEN State vs. James Parry
20-0216-DIS State vs. Trent Ellick
20-0234-DIS State vs. Anthony Whitaker
20-0240-DIS State vs. Christopher Brown
20-0246-DIS State vs. Dustin Pletcher & Christina Terry
20-0274-DIS State vs. Beverly S. Houston
20-0275-DIS State vs. E3 HR, Inc.
20-0281-DIS State vs. Kevin Lamont Wilson
20-0282-DIS State vs. Davy Adams
20-0320-DIS State vs. Gary Keeling & Elizabeth Hurlbutt
20-0325-DIS State vs. American Contractors Indemnity Company & Timothy Pearson
20-0345-DIS State vs. Dana Gray
20-0360-DIS State vs. Andrew Arnold & Casey Scott
20-0367-DIS State vs. Ricky Lyle Ford
20-0368-DIS State vs. Michael Campbell
20-0412-DIS State vs. John Burks & Barry Lewis
20-0413-DIS State vs. Joel Gideon
20-0428-DIS State vs. Stephen Purvis v. Leah Wilkins
20-0429-DIS State vs. Stephen Purvis v. Leah Wilkins
20-0433-DIS State vs. Stephen Purvis & Leah Wilkins
20-0477-DIS State vs. Elba Segura
20-0480-DIS State vs. Jess Askins & Alexis Mayfield
20-0481-DIS State vs. United States Fire Insurance Company & Michael Campbell
20-0512-DIS State vs. Christine Gann
20-0578-DEN State vs. Catherine Boyd
20-0582-IBT In Re:  Application of Sentry Insurance A Mutual Company for Approval of IBT Plan, Novation and Authorization to Seek Court Approval for Transfer of Policies from Sentry Insurance to National Legacy Insurance Company
20-0585-DIS State vs. Mason Cummings & Eric Rice
20-0620-DIS State vs. John Burks & Robert Lopez