Pursuant to 59 O.S. §4000.1(F), a person with a criminal history record may request from the Oklahoma Insurance Department (“OID”) a determination of whether his or her criminal history record may disqualify him or her from obtaining the desired license. This determination may be requested prior to obtaining any required education or training for such license.

If you would like a determination regarding your criminal history record, please submit a request in writing and include either:

  • A certified copy of your criminal history record with an explanation of each conviction mentioned in the criminal history record; or
  • A statement describing each criminal conviction including the date of each conviction, the court of jurisdiction and the sentence imposed.

Also with your request, include the email or physical address that you would like the determination sent to, along with any additional evidence you wish OID to take into consideration. If you were incarcerated, your request must include the date of your release.

Requests can be sent to:
Oklahoma Insurance Department
Attn: Licensing Division
400 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105

OID will provide the determination within ninety (90) days of your request. Please call (405) 521-3916 or email if you have any questions.

Annual Licensing Report on Criminal History