Name Change Request

Name Change Request Form

Send form to:
Fax: 405.522.3642

A licensee is required to notify OID within 30 days of a legal name change.

Per Title 36 O.S. ยง 1435.8 (F): a $50.00 administrative fee will be imposed if OID has not been notified within the required time. If the licensee has failed to notify OID of the name change within 45 days after the administrative fee is imposed, the licensee may be subject to further administrative action.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL LICENSEES:Please be advised that changing your name in your resident state will not change your name in Oklahoma and vice versa.

Individual licensees are required to complete the Name Change Request form and submit the form along with (1) of the following items to support the request:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Amended Articles (For Resident Business Entities)


Business Entity licensees are required to complete the Name Change Request form signed by an owner or officer of the business. The legal business name is required to be listed on the license at all times. Resident licensees will need to attach the amended articles. Non-Resident licensees will need to send amended articles, only upon request. Business Entities that also change their EIN are required to apply for a new agency license electronically. The non-surviving agency license may be surrendered using the surrender form located on our web page under LICENSE TOOLS.

You may also use this form to request a DBA be added to an existing license.