Oklahoma’s Medicare Assistance Program volunteers are dedicated to assisting others by helping them understand the basics of Medicare, its options as well as assisting them with the enrollment processes, reporting fraudulent activities, assisting with claims etc. Many people are unaware that for over 15 years, the Oklahoma MAP and its volunteers have offered:

  • Free impartial health insurance information
  • One-on-one health insurance counseling for people with Medicare via phone and in person to thousands of Oklahomans Presentations in local communities regarding Medicare
  • Free training related to the MAP program to the insurance industry

The number of individuals currently and soon to be qualified for Medicare benefits is on the rise; the need for additional volunteer support is ever increasing and that is why we need YOU to become a volunteer.

Why Should You Become a MAP Volunteer?

MAP is a rewarding volunteer opportunity for hundreds of people across Oklahoma.

MAP provides services through many channels: seminars, local community training, one-on-one counseling, public speaking, publications, videos and more. Volunteers are the key to the program’s success.

MAP volunteers are called on to assist with questions on Medicare, Medicare supplements, Medicaid, employer benefit plans, managed care plans, long-term care, help pay for prescriptions and more.

Counseling can include an analysis of insurance needs, side-by-side policy comparisons, help with filing claims, and appeals or filling out applications for assistance.

To be an active MAP volunteer we ask that you meet the following criteria:

  • Complete the required volunteer training
  • Want to help people with Medicare in his/her community
  • Attend regular local in-service training sessions (usually two full-day sessions per year)
  • NOT be affiliated with (i.e., employed by, or in a position to sell) any insurance product, agency, company or service
  • Be willing to assure complete confidentiality to every client
  • Complete required paperwork
  • Enjoy meeting new people and helping
  • Pass a required background check

If you would like to become a volunteer, please fill out the following application and return it to the Medicare Assistance Program at the Oklahoma Insurance Department. If you have questions please contact MAP.