MAP Counselor Training

There are no trainings scheduled at this time. Please check back for upcoming trainings.

Annual counselor certification training is for MAP partners and volunteers only. Licensed insurance agents are prohibited from registering. For more information or questions, contact Ray Walker at

Webinar links will be emailed to individuals within 2 business days of registration.

MAP Counselor Helping Senior

A Certified MAP, Medicare Assistance Program, Counselor is an individual that is trained annually to acquire the knowledge necessary to counsel Medicare beneficiaries. After training the individual must take and pass a test, in order to be considered certified.

Once certification is obtained, the MAP counselor will be able to assist Medicare beneficiaries in choosing a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan, in comparing Medicare Advantage Plans, and with basic information about Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans, Medigap policies.

A MAP counselor will also be able to answer general questions from Medicare beneficiaries.