§ 858-715. Nonresident Applicants – Consent of Service of Process – Reciprocity

Agreement Required.

A. Every applicant for certification pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Certified Real Estate Appraisers Act who is not a resident of this state shall submit, with the application for certification, an irrevocable consent that service of process upon the applicant may be made by delivery of the process to the Secretary of State if, in an action against the applicant in a court of this state arising out of the applicant’s activities as an Oklahoma certified real estate appraiser, the plaintiff cannot, in the exercise of due diligence, effect personal service upon the applicant.

B. An appraiser licensed by and residing in another state who is not licensed as an Oklahoma appraiser and who does not obtain an Oklahoma temporary practice permit for such purpose, may apply for and obtain an Oklahoma reciprocal license if:

  1. The appraiser’s licensing and certification program of the state of the appraiser’s licensure and residence is in compliance with the reciprocity provisions of 12 U.S.C. 3351(b) and such other state has in place a policy of issuing reciprocal certification or license for an appraiser licensed by another state; and
  2. The nonresident appraiser holds a valid certification from a state whose requirements for appraiser certification or licensing meet or exceed the appraiser licensure standards established by the Oklahoma Certified Real Estate Appraisers Act.

If you are a non-resident of Oklahoma and you wish to obtain a reciprocal license in this state, you may do so regardless of where you live so long as you have an active license in good standing with your home state AND your home state is 1.) in good standing with the Appraisal Subcommittee; and 2.) has a reciprocity provision in place pursuant to the requirements under 12 U.S.C. 3351(b).

PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  Oklahoma issues licenses for a three-year period.  However, licensing and registry fees are collected on an annual basis.  Notices are emailed from Open Regulate at least six weeks prior to the due date.  Failure to remit these fees, or in the alternative, surrender your license, will result in disciplinary action against your credential and will be reported to the National Registry.

The Reciprocity Application contains a statement which you are signing under oath indicating that you have read and will comply with all provisions of the Oklahoma Real Estate Appraisers Act. You should download this document, as well as the administrative rules, and read them before signing the application.

You can complete your online Application for Reciprocity in Open Regulate.

Temporary Practice Permit

Any appraisal of real property located within Oklahoma requires Oklahoma licensure or a temporary practice permit if:

  • The appraisal involves a federally related transaction;
  • The appraisal is related to a real estate-related financial transaction of one of the agencies, instrumentalities, and federally recognized entities covered by the FIRREA Act of 1989; or
  • The appraisal involves any real estate-related transaction where an appraisal report was made under a written agreement that the appraisal report would comply with USPAP or where a written appraisal states that it is USPAP compliant.

The Oklahoma Real Estate Appraiser Board recognizes, on a temporary basis, the certification or license of an appraiser issued by another state if:

  • The appraiser’s business is of a temporary nature and certified by the appraiser;
  • The appraiser registers the temporary practice with the Board and pays fees as provided herein; and
  • The appraiser resides in or is working out of a state that is also in compliance with 12 USC 3351, which recognizes, on a temporary basis, the certification or license of an Oklahoma appraiser in their state.

The application fee for a temporary practice permit is $50.00 per appraisal report rendered, up to a maximum of $150.00 per appraisal assignment of one or more appraisals performed under a single contract. A temporary practice permit is issued on the basis of assignment, and there is no associated end date on the permit other than completion of the assignment.

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