January 27, 2020

First Year in Office: One Step Closer to Top 10

OKLAHOMA CITY –In January 2019, Glen Mulready became the state’s 13th insurance commissioner. With Commissioner Mulready’s vision to become a Top 10 insurance department, the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) began a top-to-bottom review and accomplished great results in 2019. 

During his first year, Mulready and his team have tirelessly worked to improve OID’s services by adapting best practices, modernizing its systems and practicing clear communication. He implemented the rebranding of OID, identified more cost savings, launched the new website, moved to electronic filing systems, upgraded the facility, became an Insurance Business Transfer (IBT) global leader and launched the “Mulready Says Get Ready” campaign. 

“Our goal is simple: we should work for the people,” Mulready said. “Everything we do is to protect consumers and ensure a fair, competitive marketplace. Our efforts have helped us reduce paper processes, process licenses quicker and resolve consumer complaints faster. And more changes are ahead because I believe well-run organizations always evolve. We can always work better.” 

Mulready said making changes is difficult, but it is essential to keep up with the industry they regulate that continues to develop and utilize innovative technology. He also said the department is learning the most modern tools to maximize their abilities and resources. In his view, having a team that understands the importance of going above and beyond is of the utmost. 

“We’ve made great progress, and I’m so proud of what our team has accomplished,” he said. “We’re focused on training our staff to have the most modern skill sets and creating a culture that is based on our five core values: being competent, trustworthy, client-focused, positive and a team player. Our team is willing to go the extra mile, and that’s how we transformed OID. That’s why we’re one step closer to a Top 10 insurance department.”  

One of his priorities for 2020 is visiting rural parts of Oklahoma and meeting with citizens through “Coffee with the Commissioner.” He’s made it clear he intends to keep making changes to improve OID and says he’d like to maintain this momentum as he heads into his second year. 

Some of his accomplishments include: 

  • Total cost savings: $329,485 
  • Completion of the new building that will save $15 million over the next 20 years 
  • Investing in workforce development 
  • Using clear and simple language and formats that are easy to read and understand 
  • Providing Oklahomans with more insurance options 
  • Improving the insurance business climate through a free-market approach 
  • Passing the first IBT transaction approved by an insurance commissioner in the country and awaiting the court approval 
  • Launching the new website with a simpler design that works better on mobile devices 

To learn more about his efforts, read the OID’s 2019 Annual Report

If you have questions about other insurance issues, contact the Oklahoma Insurance Department at 1-800-522-0071 or visit their website at  


About the Oklahoma Insurance Department
The Oklahoma Insurance Department, an agency of the State of Oklahoma, is responsible for the education and protection of the insurance-buying public and for oversight of the insurance industry in the state.


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