Public Notice – Pursuant to Title 365:25-7-73

(1) The Commissioner shall post notice on the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s website promptly upon receipt of any application for certification, including instructions on how members of the public may respond to the application. The Commissioner may not take final action on the application until at least thirty (30) days after posting the notice required by this paragraph.

The below listed companies have applied to become a Certified Reinsurer in Oklahoma:

Company Posting Date

If you would like to respond to this application, please contact Diane Carter at within 30 days of the company posting date.

(2) The Commissioner shall issue written notice to an assuming insurer that has made application and been approved as a certified reinsurer. Included in such notice shall be the rating assigned the certified reinsurer in accordance with (a) of this section. The Commissioner shall publish a list of all certified reinsurers and their ratings. (1) If, upon conducting an evaluation under this section with respect to the reinsurance supervisory system of any non-U.S. assuming insurer, the Commissioner determines that the jurisdiction qualifies to be recognized as a qualified jurisdiction, the Commissioner shall publish notice and evidence of such recognition in an appropriate manner.

The below listed companies have been approved as Certified Reinsurers in Oklahoma for the current year:

Company Rating Date Approved
Arch Reinsurance Ltd. Secure-3 1/01/2018
Chubb European Group SE Secure-2 01/15/2021
Endurance Specialty Insurance, Ltd Secure-3 1/14/2019
Fidelis Insurance Bermuda Limited Secure-4 12/9/2021
Fidelis Underwriting Limited Secure-4 12/9/2021
Hannover Rück SE Secure-2 7/14/2017
Somers Re Ltd Secure-4 4/06/2020
Swiss Reinsurance Company Ltd Secure-2 10/23/2020
TransRe London Limited Secure-3 9/23/2019
XL Bermuda Ltd Secure-2 4/30/2019

(3) The Commissioner shall consider the list of qualified jurisdictions published through the NAIC Committee Process in determining qualified jurisdictions. If the Commissioner approves a jurisdiction as qualified that does not appear on the list of qualified jurisdictions, the Commissioner shall provide thoroughly documented justification with respect to the criteria provided under (c)(2)(A) through (I) of this section.

(4) U.S. jurisdictions that meet the requirements for accreditation under the NAIC financial standards and accreditation program shall be recognized as qualified jurisdictions.

Qualified Jurisdictions:

As stated in (3) and (4) above, the list of qualified jurisdictions published through the NAIC Committee Process and all accredited states are included as a qualified jurisdictions.


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