Special Notice Regarding Statutory Changes regarding Senate Bill 1806

Special Notice to all Bail Bondsman, July 8, 2022

To:       All Bail Bondsman, Professional Bail Bondsmen and Multi-County Agent Bail Bondsmen and Other Interested Parties.

From: Glen Mulready, Commissioner

Re:       Special Notice Regarding Statutory Changes regarding Senate Bill 1806, effective November 1, 2022.

Changes to Title 59 of the Oklahoma Statutes are as follows:

Title 59. Chapter 33 § 1320 (A) & (B). Registration Requirement – Certified Copy of Appointment Limitation on Number of Bonds Written

Currently: A bondsman has to register his or her license with the sheriff and court clerk of the county in which the bondsman resides or offices. A bondsman can write bonds on no more than ten (10) defendants per year in each of the remaining seventy six counties. (Note this does not apply to Bondsman licensed as a multicounty/ professional bondsman)

Change: Language has been stricken from the statute pertaining to the Ten Bond Limitation and the requirement to register a license in the county where the bondsman resides or offices. Effective November 1, 2022, bondsman are required to register their license in the office of the court clerk in any county in which the bondsman intends to write bonds. There is no longer a ten bond limitation.


Title 59. Chapter 33 § 1327 (H). Surrender of Defendant – Hold Order – Exoneration of Bondsman and Insurer – Bond Exonerated by Operation of Law

Currently: This section was added to the statute.

Change: The court shall not Issue an order modifying the terms of a previously set bond unless the order has also been signed by the bail bondsman, bail bond surety, or both acknowledging the changes made to the bond prior to the defendant’s release. Failure to provide this notice shall exonerate the bond by operation of law.


Please read the information provided and make the necessary changes to your business practices to ensure you are compliant with the amended statutes.  The statutory changes were a joint effort between the Oklahoma Insurance Department and the Bail Industry working together.

Questions concerning this Notice should be directed to Lewis Garrison at lewis.garrison@oid.ok.gov.