In 2002, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) began the Market Conduct Annual Statement (MCAS) as a means of collecting key market performance data for regulators, providing more consistent measurements and comparisons between companies.  Please be advised that the Oklahoma Insurance Department is a participating state in the Market Conduct Annual Statement. [Title 36 O.S. § 311.4]

The Market Conduct Annual Statement is a mandatory filing that collects data on a state-specific, industry wide basis.  Data is collected for the following lines of business based on the stated premium thresholds.


Line of Business Premium Threshold
Disability Income $50,000
Health (In-Exchange and Out-of-Exchange) $50,000**
Homeowners $50,000
Individual Annuity (Fixed and Variable) $50,000
Individual Life (Cash Value and Non-Cash Value) – Excluding Credit Life $50,000
Lender-Placed Auto $50,000
Lender-Placed Home $50,000
Long-Term Care Annuity Hybrid $0
Long-Term Care Life Hybrid $0
Long-Term Care Stand-Alone $0
Private Flood $50,000
Private Passenger Auto $50,000
Short-Term Limited Duration Insurance $50,000
Travel $0
Other Health $50,000

** Health has an earned premium threshold

The NAIC will send a data call letter and an Oklahoma specific instruction letter mid-December each year to companies meeting these thresholds in Oklahoma.

Companies that are not licensed to do business in the state or do not meet the reporting thresholds for the above lines of business are automatically exempt from filing a Market Conduct Annual Statement for Oklahoma. Additionally, if a Company only meets the threshold for one line of business and not the other, then it will only need to file a report for the line of business for which it meets the threshold.

Your Company will need to collect market data and submit your MCAS in accordance with the instructions found at

Participation Requirements and General MCAS Information can also be found at the above link.

Please be advised there is a $200 filing fee per Title 36 O.S. §311.4(C), which is payable to the Oklahoma Insurance Department at the time of filing in accordance with NAIC filing deadlines.  All MCAS filing fees must be paid electronically using OPTins per the Special Instructions Letter. Paper checks are no longer accepted per Oklahoma Bulletin No. LH 2015-03; P&C 2015-05.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Landon Hubbart, Chief of Market Regulation,
at (405) 521-2379 or

Market Conduct Annual Statement Oklahoma Special Instructions