Disaster Response Report

Please read the Pre and Post Disaster FAQs before proceeding: Pre and Post Disaster FAQs

Pre-Disaster data is collected annually with reporting due March 1st.  Please complete the most current template found below and submit via email attachment by clicking the Data Call email link.

Pre-Disaster Response Report Templates:

Pre-Disaster Response Blank – Commercial (2023)
Pre-Disaster Response Blank – Personal (2023)


Post-Disaster data reporting is only engaged after a catastrophic event / disaster has occurred AND the Insurance Commissioner has issued a Declaration of Emergency and Order.  Should such an event occur, and declaration be made, please utilize the below reporting template and follow the guidelines and reporting intervals set forth in Bulletin No. PC 2014-03-2.

Post-Disaster Response Report Template


If you have any questions about the reporting or submission process, please submit them to Data.Call@oid.ok.gov or contact Mr. Landon Hubbart at (405) 521-2379 or Landon.Hubbart@oid.ok.gov.

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