COVID-19 Special Notice

Date:     September 1, 2021

To:         All Health Insurance Companies, Health Maintenance Organizations, Self- Funded Plans and Other Interested Parties

From:    Glen Mulready, Commissioner

Re:         COVID-19


As the number of COVID-19 cases resulting in hospitalizations continue to increase across the state, the Department requests that all health insurance carriers providing regulated coverages to Oklahoma consumers expedite and facilitate the timely transfer of enrolled members out of acute care settings upon discharge.  Inpatient transfer requests from hospitals should be priority to create bed capacity across the board.  Discharge planning involves, in some cases, a pre-authorization to a lesser setting of care.  The Department seeks the cooperation of licensed carriers to expedite the pre-authorization process within 24 hours and collaboratively work with providers to open up bed capacity.


COVID-19 diagnostic testing requires all insurance companies under the Families First Coronavirus Act (FFCRA) to cover tests without cost-sharing requirements, prior authorizations or other medical management requirements.  FFCRA prohibits plans and issuers from imposing medical management, including medical screening criteria, for the COVID-19 test.

Individuals are encouraged to contact their primary care provider to obtain information on where to receive the test.  This information will ensure that a test is free and is administered by a licensed and authorized health care provider.  This includes point-of-care test locations for COVID-19.  Testing of asymptomatic individuals is included under the FFCRA guidelines when administered for the purpose of individualized diagnosis or treatment.

Questions concerning this Special Notice should be directed to Mike Rhoads, Deputy Commissioner, at