Have you moved in the past three years? Has your address or contact information changed?

It is important to make sure your health insurance moves with you. Moving can be overwhelming – take a moment today to confirm OHCA has the correct mailing address, phone number and email address on file so they can reach you in case of any changes to your health care coverage. You may be notified of steps you need to take to keep your coverage. You can update your information at

If you are no longer eligible for SoonerCare coverage in 2023, you have other ways to obtain health coverage in Oklahoma:

  • Call for help: 1-800-318-2596 at
  • You can shop for plans in your area with subsidy-assisted dollars by setting up an account and inserting family income and dependents in the household even if you are just shopping to see what coverage is available and even if you need coverage for yourself only and a specific family member. The number of dependents listed in your taxable household will increase your subsidy amount for yourself and others in your family who may need coverage.  Premiums after subsidies could be as low as $0 but on average run under $47.
  • Find local help, either through an agent or broker by clicking this link and inserting your zip code. These agents or brokers are available to you at no cost, they are paid by the insurance company they are appointed with and are obligated to show you all the plans in your area available to you and not just the insurance company they represent:

My OK Plan

Health Alliance for the Uninsured

Your Employer’s Health Plan

  • Special Enrollment Period (SEP) applies: