The Anti-Fraud Assessment Annual Fee is due by July 1, 2022. The Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) requires the fee to be paid electronically per Title 36 O.S. § 362 and Order No 16-0636-PRJ.

OPTins will be the website used to process electronic payments.

Paper Filings and Checks will no longer be accepted.

OPTins Electronic filing instructions:

  • Register and/or login with OPTins at
    NOTE: Do not wait to register with OPTins, as the process can take up to two (2) weeks to complete.
  • Once registered, select the “Filings” tab, then “Create Filing,” enter the filing year, Select “Oklahoma Regulated Entities” as the recipient state for Anti-Fraud Assessment Annual Filing.
  • Once you have selected the appropriate filing type, download the available form(s), complete, and upload it along with all other required supporting documentation.
    NOTE: Some of the Excel spreadsheets have multiple tabs. Please make sure all the tabs in the workbook are complete before uploading it back into OPTins.
  • Proceed to the payment screen and input the amount associated with the filing type in the payment field and submit your payment. NOTE: There is an electronic processing fee added by OPTins.

For questions specific to using this website, please contact OPTins Help Desk at (816)783-8990 or All other questions will continue to be directed to the Oklahoma Insurance Department, Financial Division, Cindy Barnum, 405-521-3966.