Course completions are required to be submitted electronically via the provider’s SBS Online CE Account within ten (10) business days of course completion. (An SBS fee of $1.00 per person per credit hour will be charged.)

Course Roster:

Required fields for submitting course completions:

  • Provider Name and number
  • Course Number
  • Date Taken
  • National Producer Number (NPN)
  • Last Name

Recommended fields:

  • License Number
  • First Name
  • Contact information
  1. Access State Based Systems
  2. Under Step 1: Select your jurisdiction: select Oklahoma from the pull down box
  3. Click on Login to SBS for Organizations and enter your information
  4. Your SBS account screen will be displayed, scroll to the Education Providers section and click on Go To Dashboard
  5. Click on Course Roster
  6. Click on Manual Input to enter the completions manually. The completions may also be uploaded from an Excel Data File or Text Data File by clicking on the +Upload Roster File. Sample files are available for viewing on the SBS screen. The course application fees will be collected at the end of the process. If the fee is not collected, then the process was not completed.
  7. Trouble shooting – if a licensee’s information is not correct on your sign-in roster
    • Contact the licensee direct to resolve the issue
    • Course/Provider Lookup will allow you to lookup an individual license on SBS so you can verify data
    • Education Transcript Search may provide the necessary information
    • If the issue cannot be resolved, contact the OID-Education Division for assistance

Course Completion Certificates

Course completion certificates are required to be provided to each student that attends a course for Oklahoma continuing education credit. The certificate is for the attendees’ records only. It is not necessary for the certificate to be sent to the OID. You may design your own certificate or use the sample certificate below.


Late Fee

A late fee of $50.00 may be assessed to the provider per course offering if the course is not reported within ten (10) business days of course completion.
Late fees will be waived for course completion dates of August 1st through September 30th, 2017 due to implementing the new State Based Systems (SBS). We encourage providers to promptly submit course completions to avoid creating renewal problems for Oklahoma licensees.

Late Report Fee Payment