List of ISO Class 1 Fire Departments in Oklahoma

Achieving a Class 1 rating for local fire protection efforts based on ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS) Public Protection Classification (PPC®) is a significant accomplishment. Currently, there are five cities in Oklahoma and only about 350 communities nationwide with this distinction.

A Class 1 rating also enhances community support for the fire department in a very practical, dollars-and-cents way. The individual homeowner can expect to see a reduced cost for property insurance as compared to a community that doesn’t achieve a high rating.

Contact your insurance agent to see if you are qualified for the discounts.

Want to learn more about ISO?

Members of the fire service and community can go to the ISO Mitigation website to get details on ISO’s work with fire departments, building departments, water suppliers, and municipalities.
Insurance companies and agents can go to the Verisk website.