Oklahoma requires insurance professionals to hold an active license prior to working in the industry. Passing the exam(s) is the first step to becoming licensed. You may not work in this industry until you have passed the required exams, submit an online application at www.licensing.oid.ok.gov and the license has been issued.

Critical Data

Name – Legal First and Last name must match exactly as it appears on your government issued ID
Date of Birth – must match your ID
Social Security Number – exactly as it appears on your SS Card
Failure to enter the correct information will PREVENT you from applying for licensure. Mistakes are very costly and can take weeks for the exam vendor to fix. Have your ID in hand to verify the correct data when you register for your exam. Contact the exam vendor Prometric for corrections. You may not apply for a license until the data is correct.


  1. Know what license your work requires and select the correct exam.
  2. Read the Licensing Information Bulletin (LIB). The bulletin provides detailed information to help you navigate the exam process.
  3. Click on the Exam Vendor to register for your exam. Allow a 3 week window to find a seat to exam. If you need a specific exam date, register early.
  4. Prepare for the exam – order exam study manuals to self-study or contact an exam prep provider and take a class.
  5. Pass Exam – WAIT 3 BUSINESS DAYS then access www.licensing.oid.ok.gov and submit your license application.
  6. Fail an exam. Refer to your score report and make sure you select the correct exam code to register for retake. Registering for the wrong exam could be costly and time consuming.