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Commissioner's Blog

‘Ready, Set, Go!’ Wildfire Preparedness Saves Lives and Property

Cooler temperatures and welcome rain arrived recently and briefly in our state, but for the past few months, Oklahoma has been hot, dry and in...
Commissioner's Blog

Comparing Online Auto Insurance Quotes: Savvy Shopping Can Save Money

Turn on a television, flip through a magazine or browse the Internet and you are likely to be bombarded with ads offering to save you money on...
Commissioner's Blog

Understanding Faith-Based Options for Health Care

With health care costs escalating and the federal government grasping for control of everything from the purse strings to your choice of doctors,...
Commissioner's Blog

Schools Are Open, Be Prepared

In communities across Oklahoma, schools are back in session. Each new school year is a time for individual growth and exciting opportunities. But...
Commissioner's Blog

Beating Heat, Avoiding Injury Key as Fall Sports Seasons Arrive

August is here, bringing football season along with it, though the temperatures might try to convince us otherwise. Whether your child is...
Commissioner's Blog

Smokers: It’s Time to Quit, and We Can Help

About one in five Americans is a smoker. In the Sooner State that figure is even higher. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...
Commissioner's Blog

Fourth of July Fun Depends on Fireworks Safety Fundamentals

Most Americans look forward to the Fourth of July for more than just the day off it provides. Usually, Independence Day is also a time for family...
Commissioner's Blog

Beat the Heat: Don’t Leave Children Alone in Vehicles

Memorial Day is the symbolic start of summer. The school year ends for most children. Families plan their summer vacations. And, across America,...
Commissioner's Blog

Play It Safe and Insure for Summer Fun That Is Secure

Memorial Day is right around the corner, bringing with it a summer season filled with fun on Oklahoma’s highways, byways and waterways. It’s...
Commissioner's Blog

Shaken But Not Broke: The Value of Earthquake Insurance

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