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Special Notice

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Flexibility During COVID-19 Event

Special Notice to Oklahoma Professional and Multicounty Agent Bondsmen
Date: April 9, 2020
To: Oklahoma Professional and Multi-County Agent Bondsmen
From: Oklahoma Insurance Department-Bailbond Division

The Governor of the State of Oklahoma issued a Declaration of Emergency. That Executive Order 2020-07 was issued March 15, 2020. Further, on April 8, 2020, the Governor issued a Declaration of Emergency pursuant to 63 O.S. §§ 6101-6900, specifically 63 O.S. § 6401.

The Department is issuing this special notice to assist professional and multicounty agent bondsmen regulated by the Department in effectuating the duties of the professional and multicounty agent bondsmen during this urgent public health challenge.

The Department understands that this public health challenge is a fluid event. Therefore, during the Declaration of Emergency, the Department will remain flexible in enforcement as the needs of the bail industry continues to change. The Department is providing the professional and multicounty agent bondsmen with a form to request a deposit adjustment during this time. The form can be found at Please submit the form and any supporting documentation to for consideration. The OID will review each request as a case-by-case scenario, but submission does not mean the request is approved. You will be notified by OID when the request is approved, denied, or if the OID needs additional information.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we all work together to minimize delays and hardships to the industry while still providing necessary protection to Oklahoma consumers.

Questions applicable to this special notice should be directed to Lewis Garrison (, Oklahoma Insurance Department, 400 NE 50th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73105-1816.