Please note while the Department will proceed forward in the review of your complaint, we are currently involved in litigation involving the Patient’s Right to Pharmacy Protection Act which prevents us from taking administrative action for certain violations of the Act. At the appropriate time, to be determined after completion of litigation, we will begin taking further action for these alleged violations. All other complaints for prescriptions filled after September 1, 2020, will move forward through the administrative process.

PBM/Health Plan complaints related to the letter sent to Oklahoma consumers about pharmacy network changes:

Please complete the online form below if your complaint is related to a letter received to change pharmacies and requires you to receive maintenance medications in the future from a preferred in-network provider or mail order pharmacy that results in a change in your cost. Again, be sure to complete the online form below by providing your contact information, then check the box beside “Referred to Network Provider Owned or Affiliate with the PBM/Health Plan.”

Next, the Pharmacy staff is to answer the questions related to the PBM sending the Letter (they may mark NO on all items if they do not apply to their situation) or if a consumer has them check all the questions NO. Then they may upload any additional information in the space provided below in the form, or mail documents to:

Oklahoma Insurance Department
PBM Compliance & Enforcement Division
400 NE 50th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105