It’s time to kick the habit Oklahoma!

January 15-22, 2020 is Quit Week in Oklahoma

January is a great time to quit smoking, and the OK to Quit campaign is the
perfect opportunity to join with other Oklahomans and quit for good.

  • Tobacco is the number one cause of preventable death in Oklahoma, causing about 7,500 deaths in our state per year.
  • Tobacco kills more Oklahomans than AIDS, murder, suicide, alcohol, illicit drug use and auto accidents combined.
  • If nothing changes, 88,000 Oklahoma kids alive today will die prematurely from smoking.
  • Smoking costs Oklahoma $1.62 billion in health care costs each year.

But there is good news in all this.

It is OK to Quit. It’s OK for you. It’s OK for your family and for our state.

Oklahoma is 36th in the United States for smoking. More than 580,000 Oklahoma adults smoke. More than 30,000 of our high school students smoke, with an additional 2,100 more becoming daily smokers each year.

Smoking costs Oklahoma businesses, taxpayers and individuals more than $3.7 billion every year in health care costs and lost productivity. But the true cost is the number of lives lost to something that is entirely preventable. Tobacco use kills more than 7,500 Oklahomans each year from cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and more.

To help combat the high cost of tobacco, I’ve teamed up with healthcare organizations and businesses across Oklahoma to raise awareness on the benefits of quitting smoking. We also want to make sure you know about the resources available those who want to quit. Download the Quitter’s Circle app and use code OKtoQuit. Also, talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about smoking cessation treatment options. Additional help may be available through your health insurance company.

Quitting isn’t easy, but you don’t have to do it alone. It’s OK to Quit. And it’s OK to ask for help. It’s the smartest move you can make when it comes to quitting smoking.

Glen Mulready
Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner

Join the Quitter’s Circle! Download the mobile app to get a personalized quit plan, track your progress and build a support network..

Ready to quit? Support from your doctor can double your chance of success. Here’s how to prepare for your appointment.

Many Thanks to All of Our Partners in Helping Oklahoma Quit Smoking