Learning to drive is more than just learning the rules of the road.
You have to become a responsible driver too!

Insurance 101 is a new teaching module designed to show teens how bad driving decisions can cause financial pain. The 55-minute program includes three segments: a lecture to define basic insurance terms; a demonstration of how to request a quote; and an interactive, decision-making game.

Presentation materials include:

  • Animated PowerPoint®
  • Auto insurance terms handout
  • Worksheet for use during the game
  • Combined multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank quiz

The lesson plans and all the hands-on tools are free for educators to use. Just simply download the materials.

Want an expert to teach Insurance 101?

The Oklahoma Insurance Department can send one of our experts to teach the Insurance 101 module to your classroom. If you’re interested in scheduling a lesson, CLICK HERE to request a date.

Have questions about Insurance 101? Contact Tracy Keeley at 405-420-5398 or tracy.keeley@oid.ok.gov.