#JustDriveOK Pledge Contest

The Oklahoma Insurance Department and our partners are challenging students to be alert when behind the wheel by taking the #JustDriveOK pledge.

Insurance 101 for Teen Drivers

Insurance 101 is a new teaching module designed to show teens how bad driving decisions can cause financial pain.

Motorcycle Safety Course Locator and “Road Science” Safety Campaign

This campaign focuses on educating vehicle drivers to several dangers that motorcycle riders face that the drivers may not think about. With a scientific approach, including physics equations and graphics, the campaign aims to inform drivers of these dangers, and encourage motorcycle riders to be extra vigilant when riding.

Oklahoma Emergency Management Safe Schools 101

OEM teamed up with FEMA to develop a program to train architects, engineers, design professionals and others to assess school buildings.

Oklahoma School Security Institute

Oklahoma School Security Institute can provide Risk & Vulnerability Assessments to school sites in their region.

Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics wants to educate Oklahomans on the realities and consequences of drug abuse.

Be a Force of Nature

Weather-Ready Nation initiative is about building community resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather and water events.

InVEST Financial Literacy Program

InVEST is a unique national program that educates high school students on insurance, financial services and risk management topics.

ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma

ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma’s goal is to provide safety education and injury prevention information as related to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), also known as four-wheelers and quads.

Safe Kids Oklahoma

Safe Kids Worldwide is a global organization dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries, the number one cause of death to children in the United States. Throughout the world, almost 1 million children die of injuries each year.

Young Farmers & Ranchers

Administered by Oklahoma State University’s (Stillwater, OK) College of Agriculture, Oklahoma Farm Bureau offers a $500 scholarship to an incoming freshman demonstrating leadership and academic excellence. OKFB’s Safety Services division travels around the state to educate people of all ages through a wide variety of safety programs.

Thank America’s Teachers

Throughout the year, Thank America’s Teachers and Farmers Insurance gives away more than $1 million in educational grants to our nation’s teachers, supporting proposals and exciting projects that make a difference.