Pick your launch date and end date

The Oklahoma Insurance Department is launching this campaign statewide the week of
April 29 -May 3. We’d love for you to join us that week.

Plan a launch party/meeting

The Oklahoma Insurance Department can help with this event. We can send a representative to:

  • Talk about why the GET READY campaign is important
  • Explain how to take the pledge and GET READY
  • Provide informational flyers, an interactive presentation, time for Q & A

Offer incentives for employees who participate

We know not everyone has the budget for this! Think free or low-cost, but motivational incentives.

  • FREE incentives could include a parking spot right by the door, the “corner office” for a day,
    an afternoon off, a “Casual Friday” pass for any day of the week, “Lazy Monday” pass to start
    the work week a few hours later, Wall of Fame or a high-five from the CEO or top manager.
  • Other incentive ideas include lunch or dinner with the boss, tech accessories like headphones
    or bluetooth speakers, movie day at the office or ice cream social.

Share the GET READY message

Let everyone know you and your staff are ready! There are multiple ways you can do this.

  • Use our social media toolkit to post about how other people can GET READY. We’ll provide a
    daily post and a picture.
  • Take pictures of your employees taking the pledge and participating in the week’s event.
    Share them on social media with the hashtag #GetReady.
  • Spread the word through newsletters to employees and clients


  • A representative to present materials (Insurance
    Commissioner Glen Mulready by request and if
  • Swag with GET READY logo (limited availability)
  • Digital toolkit with: Sample social media posts and
    images, sample press release, sample newsletter
    article, GET READY logo
  • Five eBooks on how to GET READY for Tornadoes and
    Severe Storms, Wildfires, Floods, Earthquakes and
    Winter Weather
  • GET READY Pledge
  • GET READY digital tools like Home Inventory file